5 New and upcoming features that will make WhatsApp more exciting

5 New and upcoming features that will make WhatsApp more exciting

WhatsApp adds a plethora of new features in iOS beta and Android beta applications to cater to the needs of its 1.3 billion users. The upcoming WhatsApp features are first tried and tested in beta versions to fix bugs and bring improvements, once the tools are tested successfully, they are then made available to the end users as a final rollout. From WhatsApp dark mode to WhatsApp Group Invitation to Advanced search, WhatsApp is soon going to introduce a set of new tools to continue providing the coolest and interesting features to its users. Upcoming WhatsApp features: Advanced Search, new Emojis, Show in chat and more

WhatsApp new Emojis
WhatsApp is expected to soon bring four new emojis which will include, transgender pride flag, transgender symbol male and female symbols to the Android devices. The emojis have reportedly been made available to WhatsApp Web and desktop but are only visible when Unicode characters are pasted in the chat.

WhatsApp group invitation

The upcoming WhatsApp Group Invitation feature will not allow other users to add participants to the group chat unless and until approved by the group admin and the admin will also be required to take permission from the group members before adding a new participant. The feature is expected to roll out in iOS beta app.  

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