5 Makeup tips for working women to look sober and professional

5 Makeup tips for working women to look sober and professional

Modern women have an excess of responsibilities at home and at work to handle and yet many of them manage to look picture perfect throughout the day. And these women understand that it is important to look your best without letting your stressful office responsibilities get the better of you.

Choosing Foundation

While dewy is quite an attractive choice, you should go with the matte finish foundation to look smashing and fresh all day. If you have acne-free skin with no visible dark circles, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone to have a visibly fresh appearance. Use a nourishing moisturizer once you wash your face.

Pamper Your Lips
Yet another quick makeup tip to make you look smart at work is lipstick. While office etiquettes tell you to use minimal makeup, lipstick offers you the needed freedom at work. You can choose lipsticks that are nude or go for those with matte effect to look gorgeous and beautiful while you work.

Let Your Eyes Speak

Eyes are the prime point of contact when you speak at work. Hence, make sure that they stay alive throughout the day with a good primer, foundation and concealer combo. If you have clear skin, then you wouldn't need to hide anything with a concealer. However, a quick and easy makeup tip for those of you with dark circles uses a good concealer and foundation that doesn't wear off easily.

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