5 Key secrets to a successful and happy marriage

5 Key secrets to a successful and happy marriage

It is very true that in love marriage we are very much known to our life partner. But that is not a situation during arrange marriage. We need sometime to know our partner, to know the likes and dislikes. Check out the tips to get a happy married life-

Set your time
Better you set your time to spend with family and set a good time for your partner. This means you have clear boundaries around how much time you spend with your parents/extended family and your spouses parents/extended family. Your couple's relationship and family must be the first priority.

Touch each other
Have a good connection around non-sexual physical touching, hand holding and goodbye, laying together, sitting on the couch next to each other. Say 'love you' to each other daily.

Compliments to each other
Compliment your partner in front of other people. Not only because it is a nice thing to do, it helps your partner feel a deep sense of attachment to you as well as builds their self-esteem.

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