12 Zodiac Signs: Who is most compatible with a Gemini

12 Zodiac Signs: Who is most compatible with a Gemini

Love and fight are the two sides of a coin. If there is love then surely there will be fight. Today we will tell that how Gemini will survive with other Zodaic sign peoples-

You both enjoy and need to be active and on the go, and are more interested in the present than in the past. Once something has outlived its usefulness, you are both ready to part with it and you go on to something new. You both have a low tolerance for boredom! You also share a weakness in common: the inability to stick with things (projects and relationships) when they become dull or problematic. Neither of you wants a very clingy, dependent type of partner, and with one another you have a certain amount of independence that you both enjoy.

GEMINI likes to talk and can jump rapidly from one topic to the next in rapid succession. TAURUS, on the other hand, likes to methodically digest one topic at a time, and quickly gets "mental indigestion" from GEMINI's fast-paced conversation. TAURUS is stable, grounded, and steady - qualities that GEMINI lacks and feels both drawn to and impatient with sometimes. TAURUS is intrigued by and respects GEMINI's wit, mental agility and intelligence, but is sometimes annoyed with GEMINI's inability to make a commitment or to follow through on intentions.

Both of you are curious, witty, and talkative people. Like children, you love to explore, you love variety and become easily bored, and you don't take life as seriously as most other people. You enjoy the companionship and intellectual playfulness of one another. You both love to talk. Variety and change are the bread and butter of your lives, and although you may occasionally wish that life was more settled and less hectic, you know that such an existence would be much too dull for you!

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