Brixton Motorcycles Gears Up for Indian Debut

Brixton Motorcycles Gears Up for Indian Debut

Brixton Motorcycles Austria plans to enter the Indian market in a big way by joining forces with KAW Veloce Motors Pvt Ltd. This important alliance is focused on meeting the growing need in India for distinctive and high-quality two-wheelers.

Brixton Motorcycles, an Austrian brand known for its retro-inspired yet modern motorcycles, is set to enter the Indian market with four stylish models. These bikes are renowned for their classic design, robust performance, and affordability, appealing to both new riders and seasoned enthusiasts. Each model combines vintage aesthetics with contemporary technology, ensuring reliability and a unique riding experience. Brixton's debut in India promises to bring a fresh and exciting option to the country's diverse motorcycle market.

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During the upcoming festive season, KAW Veloce Motors is set to introduce four thrilling Brixton models: Crossfire 500X, Crossfire 500XC, Cromwell 1200, and Cromwell 1200X. These models are known for their retro-inspired designs, affordability, suitability for urban riding, and potential for customization, providing fresh appeal to a broad spectrum of riders.

The partnership has devised a comprehensive two-phase expansion strategy. The first phase entails the establishment of a manufacturing facility in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, with an annual capacity exceeding 40,000 units. This phase will concentrate on introducing the existing Brixton lineup, featuring engines ranging from 500cc to 1200cc, to the Indian market.

In the second phase, Brixton and KAW Veloce Motors will collaborate to develop products tailored specifically for Indian consumers at Brixton’s Austria Design Center, while also expanding their manufacturing capabilities.

The first versions will be accessible in important urban areas such as Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Nashik, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Cochin, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vapi, and Panjim. This debut signifies a major achievement for Brixton Motorcycles as they enter one of the most extensive motorcycle markets globally.

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