6 Trending Pant Styles For Men

6 Trending Pant Styles For Men

When the temperatures start to climb, it's time to start planning your spring-summer wardrobe. One of the first things you'll need to change to be stylish, cosy, and appropriate for the season is your bottom half. For a more polished appearance and feel, throw away your heavyweight sweatpants and raw denim in favour of lighter, breezy choices.

Dressing for the warmer months will be much simpler if you have the appropriate trousers. While going on a date or to the office doesn't necessarily call for shorts, wearing them is still a terrific idea. Your winter legwear may feel overly heavy, constricting, and warm as the temperature rises.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the primary forms and styles that will be popular in the spring and summer of 2024.

The Wide Leg

There is no harm in a bit of ventilation downstairs during hot weather. Wider legs are, therefore, a wise choice during the warmer months. Although there have been rumours that thinner cuts may make a comeback, we haven't seen any concrete proof. Wide-leg trousers have been popular for a long. Enjoy the draft while you can since it's safe to believe loose legs are here to stay this season.

The Pleated Pant

It might be challenging to assemble summertime ensembles after enjoying the luxury of layering for several months. When there are fewer parts available, it can seem difficult to create intriguing appearances, but upgrading the essentials is a simple solution. You can make a change like switching from a pair of plain chinos to pleated trousers.

Light Wash

Denim is back in style this season, but if you plan to wear jeans in the spring and summer, you need to get rid of the heavy, unwashed indigo styles and go for something lighter. Give your legs a break from intense training and dedicate some time to something lighter.

The Modern Linen Pant

For thousands of years, linen has been the preferred fabric for apparel in the world's warmest regions. It wicks moisture well, is incredibly breathable, light, and attractive, and dries quickly. Therefore, every man's spring/summer legwear shopping list should include linen trousers.

The linen trousers have been given a contemporary makeover for spring/summer 2024. They are now available in several trendy hues, including camel, sky blue and green, and more forward-thinking forms, like looser fits and drawstring waists.

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