Foot care tips for Monsoon: Make your feet soft and smooth

Foot care tips for Monsoon: Make your feet soft and smooth

We all wish to have feet just as soft and smooth as a baby. You can have the beautiful feet you have always dreamed of. You just need to get rid of your dry skin and keep your feet moisturized. Following these natural home remedies will get you baby soft, smooth and beautiful feet quickly and easily. Here are some home remedies for soft and beautiful feet.

Daily foot care
Wash your feet daily. You should scrub, wash and moisturise your feet two times a day. While bathing scrub your feet with a foot scrubber and after your bath apply body lotion to the feet when they are still moist. This way moisturiser will spread easily and it will absorb in the skin faster. It is better to apply a non greasy lotion during the day to prevent dust and grime sticking to feet.

Soak in essential oils
Soak your feet in water and add some drops of rose essential oil and olive oil daily and keep your feet dipped in this water for about 10 to 15 minutes each time. This will make your feet skin.

Aloe vera gel
Take some aloe vera gel and rub it gently to your feet. Anti oxidants and moisture present in aloe gel will soothe your skin and make it ultra soft.

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