Fly dining adventure restaurant in Noida serves food 160 feet up in the air

Fly dining adventure restaurant in Noida serves food 160 feet up in the air

A restaurant in Noida, Uttar Pradesh will allow you to enjoy food in a unique way and place -160 feet up in the air. Fly Dining at Noida sector 38A is the restaurant that has a huge table surrounded with 24 seats and is lifted up with a crane. Waiters and staff can move around at the restaurant through a less widen central passage.

Nikhil Kumar, Fly Dining Noida's managing director, said that he had experienced something similar in Dubai during his visit two years ago and intended to introduce it in Noida. "It took two years because we have been focusing more on safety and ensuring customers get an amazing experience. Experts from Germany have trained us," Nikhil Kumar told, adding that dining at his restaurant is nothing short of an "experience."

It was difficult to implement the idea in Noida because Nikhil said that it is imperative to ensure every customer's safety 160 feet up in the air. "We don't allow pregnant women and kids below the height of 4 feet and haven't got any complaint till now," he added.

As for the safety measures observed by Fly Dining, the equipment that has been used is tested and certified from Germany. The crane that suspends the structure is from Dubai. The safety belt, which is buckled to the seat after the customer is seated, is checked thrice before launching into the air.

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